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Welcome to the file archive http://media.search.lt. Here you will find various kinds of files: documents, photos, images, audio and video records, pictures recorded by the Internet video cameras, banners and other files. Here you can also keep your personal files. Therefore, the archive can be used both for personal needs – to keep your personal files, and for business needs – to sell or buy files (photos, audio and video records, etc.)

For everyone

Most probably, you have collected a number of personal photos in your computer that were scanned or made by digital camera. You can place them all in the archive and create a personal photo album or you can create several photo album collections by placing the photos according to various themes. Paper photos will soon become history because their quality reduces with time and digital photos saved in the Internet database will always remain intact. You can save and keep your documents such as term papers, diploma papers, creative works or even an electronic diary in the file archive.

You can decide whether your files will be available to everyone or only to you and your close friends to whom you will give a password. In such case your relatives and friends will be able to view your files on the Internet from any place in the world.

For the mass media

Media men can obtain the required illustrations for their articles or, on the contrary, save their own photos, audio and video records and later sell them.

Now it is possible to find video records from the TV programme “Naujoji komunikacija” at http://media.search.lt.

For the companies

The employees from various companies can save and keep their documents written in „Word“, „Excel“ and other programmes; presentations (created in „Power Pont“ or even „Flash“ programmes), banners, photos reflecting the history of the company, short personal video films shot by the employees about the company’s activities and their own leisure time or celebrations and the pictures from video cameras that are installed in the company’s premises. If the company is organizing videoconferences with business partners or distance education courses, they can save and keep these records in the Internet archive as well.

Foreign business partners will be able to view on the Internet the photos or video records from business meetings that were saved in the file archive.

For the sellers

File sellers are photographers, artists, photo agencies, creators of advertisements and banners, radio and television journalists who can save and keep their works in the file archive and later offer them for sale.

How to use the system

You can already test how the file archive „My Media Search“ works. Now you can upload a limited number of files. Go to the section „Demo version“ and in the fields “login” and “password” enter the word “demo”.

Please do not use the file archive for illegal purposes – do not keep there any porno or violent photos, video records or illegal software. The system administrator has a right to remove such files.

It is very easy to use the Internet file archive. All you have to do is to go to http://media.search.lt. You can upload any files into the archive http://media.search.lt directly from your computer without any additional preparations. You can give a name, indicate a theme, the place and date of the event, give some key words to make the search easier. When uploading the file into the archive, you indicate the author, the owner and the copyright.

Files of different types are uploaded into the database in a very similar way. We would like to speak about the photos in a greater detail. It is possible to upload the photo of different size and of different quality. The system saves the original size of the photo and additionally creates two more sizes – small and medium. Small size photos can be used for introducing a photo collection. This is especially convenient for photo sellers as they can introduce small size photos as samples and later sell the photos of original size. Medium size photo is especially suitable for the Internet as its quality allows it to quickly appear on the screen when opening the web page and its size is just enough to illustrate the articles, for example. There is a possibility to create photo collections and photo reportages.

There is a chat in the file archive where you can discuss about the photos or video and audio records with your friends or just with other users, choose the best files. Top five audio, video and graphics files are displayed in the main page as well as the statistical information about how many files were uploaded per day, per week and per month. It is easy to find the required file by using a search system. You can search according to the type of the file (graphics, video and audio records, documents), the topic, the author of the file, the date of the creation of the file and the date of the event.

Therefore, such file archive is useful for the users of different professions and of different tastes. Save and cherish your past, present and maybe even future recorded in various forms and kept in the Internet archive.

If you have any questions, comments or requests, you are welcome to write to media@5ci.lt.


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