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  Syntax of inquiry


Search is made on all text fields in all three languages (Russian, Lithuanian, English) simultaneously, that is if in the name, the description or key words(in a word) of object even in one language there are required words, you will find object.

Simple inquiries

You can search for simple inquiries on one word, and all words BEGINNING on a word which you have entered will be found. For example, at input of a word adamk, you will find also words adamkus and adamkiene.

Complex inquiries

If on one word many objects are found, specify your inquiry, having specified some words. Words logically can be connected to the help of special words (logic operators) AND, OR and NOT . For example, adamk and brazausk, adamk or brazausk, adamk and not brazausk. If logic operators are not present, and words are simply listed through a blank the operator is meant And. For example, adamk brazausk it is equivalent adamk and brazausk.

Use of marks + and - in complex inquiries

Probably, it will be more convenient to you to use marks + and - .
+ (Plus) corresponds to operator AND.
- (minus) corresponds to a combination of operators AND NOT (it means to exclude a word following for AND NOT ). For example, adamk +brazausk it is equivalent adamk and brazausk and will find all objects where there are also the words beginning on "adamk", and the words beginning on "brazausk". And adamk -brazausk it is equivalent adamk and not brazausk and will find all objects where there are the words beginning on "adamk", and there are no the words beginning on "brazausk".

Use of brackets in complex inquiries

You can use brackets for the task of more complex constructions, for example
(adamk and brazausk and not paks) or (paks and brazausk and not adamk)
(adamk +brazausk -paks) or (paks +brazausk -adamk)



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